The FURROW RUNNER has been

designed for creating efficient waterways through

High-Residue conditions. Its designed with a greasable Heavy-Duty parallel linkage. The 20 in. Scalloped disc furrowers cuts through the residue with a narrow but deep groove in

combination with a (optional) plow sweep and finishes with a torsion loaded steel packer wheel.

All row widths available. Make furrows even after planting, Lessens the chances of root pruning.

Improves water flow efficiency. Designed for High speed use in

Rowed, Drilled, or Broadcast Crops.

The team at 360 Yield Center is passionate about farming and have a deep interest in helping their fellow farmers. This passion is what led the Sauders to develop planting technology over the past 20 years, and it is what drives the vision of 360 Yield Center today. The farmer is at the heart of everything we do. And, our team is focused on finding and developing new farming methods and technologies to capture more yield, and ultimately returns, for farmers.

Dawn’s pattern of quick responsiveness to the changing needs of American farmer was established with that first design initiative – a specific tool to meet a new way of tillage. And Dawn remains that company where dealers and farmers can call for advice or to complain when a product encounters problems. Dawn sales staff will even recommend a competitor’s product if they feel it will be more appropriate.

Sometimes being able to see a product in action is more useful than reading or hearing about it. That’s why here at Perkins Sales, we have created this Product Videos page in order to help you make more informed decisions for your farm.


Flexo Guards© have been in continuous business for over 40 years. We continue to develop new designs to optimize the performance of combine headers up through the latest ultra-wide platforms.

Flexo Guards© are a very versatile product. Not only can you change them to meet your individual needs pertaining to moisture and crop condition, but they can also be used to benefit harvesting of crops such as Sunflowers and Milo.